Trying to assemble the parts to the greenhouse in a household with 3 kids isn't easy. What we learned today though, is that the kids aren't always the problem. The problem today was one of our 2 dogs, 3 cats, 2 goats, 2 horses, a fish, and a bird.
    In our first big step (after ordering the greenhouse) toward actually growing something, we assembled the germination table and planted our first seeds. We narrowly avoided disaster as one of our daughters, Rachel, leaned on the table and spilled roughly an eighth of the water. Calmly, we cleaned it up with a towel. We celebrated our Germination Table Achievement (25 points) by taking a picture of the completed table. No problems here.
    Then we planted our first seeds! 276 of our Lolla Rossa seeds were planted into thin cut growing medium. These babies will hopefully produce our first 276 heads of lettuce in about 8 weeks. After reveling in our First Seeds Achievement (50 points), we left the room, thinking the day was done. We were mistaken.
    Roughly 1 min and 38 seconds later, we heard the sound of rushing water. After getting over our initial "what a lovely sound" reaction, we realized what that sound meant. We were kicked into action by the yelling of Rachel as she saw water gushing from the table onto the floor, and a wet cat scurrying away.
    A short interlude to set the scene: Our germination table is in a room with other appliances (namely, the washer and dryer). The floor is tile, and very conducive to spreading water over a large surface in a short amount of time. This room is also attached to a bathroom.
    Back to the story! Water is pouring from the table, flooding the room and the nearby bathroom. Rachel rights the table, and the water stops. Calmly (read: in a frenzy), Karen starts mopping up water with the two available towels that happened to be nearby, while her daughters search the house for more towels (two was not nearly enough). While assessing the damage, we realize that the laundry room isn't our only victim: the small bathroom has about an eighth inch of water sitting in it as well. After scouring the house for all of the towels we own, the floor was sort of mopped up. One load of laundry and more mopping later, the floor is clean, the cat is dry, and the lesson is learned: Tomorrow we are putting more legs on the table.

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